Healthcare Reform Planning

Healthcare Reform mandates an overhaul of the healthcare industry not seen since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960’s. This legislation is transforming not only how healthcare providers are reimbursed but also the healthcare delivery system itself.

As Healthcare Reform is implemented over the next decade, physicians and hospitals will be held increasingly financially accountable for the cost, the coordination, and the quality of care that they provide to their patients across providers and sites-of-care. Developing and sustaining value-based differentiation will require hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations to adopt a new mindset, acquire new resources, and hone new capabilities and skill sets.

Blue Consulting Service’s team of consulting experts can help your organization understand the practical implications of Healthcare Reform and its various mandates. BCS will work with your executive team to align the fundamental concepts of reform with your unique market reality and craft actionable plans to help you thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape. BCS can assist your organization by providing education, readiness and opportunity assessment, planning, credentialing, and implementation support services in regards to: