Certification & Licensure

Due to the increasing threats to many practices’ financial sustainability; it is critical that practices ensure that they are being reimbursed appropriately for the services that they provide to their patients. Practices with substantial Medicare and Medicaid patient populations should consider becoming licensed in Rural Health or Primary Care in order to realize increase reimbursement rates. BCS’s team of experts can help your practice evaluate and capitalize on these opportunities.

Rural Health Center Certification / Licensure

Practices in a designated shortage area may qualify for cost-based reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid patients. BCS can help you prepare for qualification by assisting with the required application procedures, providing implementation and training on the requirements of the Rural Health Policy and Procedure Manual, conducting mock inspections, preparing staff, assuring regulation compliance, and providing an on-site consultant during the inspection when possible. We can also assist with licensure and obtaining Rural Health Medicare and Medicaid provider numbers and coordinating the cost report preparation.

Primary Care Center Certification / Licensure

BCS can help you navigate the waters toward certification by providing the necessary application support, training, and preparation (not available in all States).