Joint Venture Development

Given the economic and political uncertainty that currently pervades the healthcare industry, prudent management of hospitals’ and health systems’ resources, including human and financial capital, is more important than ever. Although the dynamics of the healthcare market have changed, physician-hospital joint ventures (JV) continue to be a very effective strategy to align the vision and values of both parties.

The long term success of physician-hospital joint ventures is influenced by a number of variables. Healthcare organizations considering physician-hospital joint ventures as part of their overall strategy are wise to consider the financial, regulatory, medical staff, and market dynamics that will influence the joint venture’s performance. When properly structured, the benefits of joint ventures include: avoiding the duplication of services; preventing over-investment in assets; aiding in provider recruitment; enhancing physician relations; and improving the overall quality of services provided.

Blue Consulting’s team of professionals offers a full spectrum of services to help your organization’s leadership and physicians navigate the complexities associated with the evaluation, development, and implementation of successful physician-hospital joint ventures including:

Blue Consulting Services has a track record of successfully implementing physician-hospital joint ventures involving a wide variety of clinical services including: ambulatory surgery; cardiac catheterization; diagnostic imaging; infusion; and radiation therapy.