ICD-10 is one of the most significant challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. Recent national studies indicate that implementing ICD-10 will cost billions of dollars nationally. Even though ICD-10 will be implemented within the near future, many hospitals, physician groups and other organizations have not yet begun to develop or execute their transition strategies. Implementing ICD-10 is an intense, multi-step process which will preclude providers from seeking reimbursement for the services that they have rendered.

The BCS ICD-10 Expert Team can help you rise to the ICD-10 challenge. All of our ICD-10 experts have validated their skills through successful completion of the American Health Information Management (AHIMA) ICD-10 Training program and can help your organization to:

Significant work has to be accomplished in a short period of time. Will you be ready?

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ICD-10 Implementation Consulting

ICD-10 Implementation Consulting

ICD-10 is one of the most significant challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. The BCS ICD-10 Expert Team can help you rise to the ICD-10 challenge.

BCS’s team of consultants will employ a phased approach to guide your organization, step by step, towards full ICD-10 compliance by October 1, 2014. As part of this approach, BCS will facilitate and support the following critical tasks for your organization:

  • Establishing a Steering Committee;
  • Developing an Action Plan;
  • Performing a GAP Analysis;
  • Performing a Financial Impact Analysis;
  • Reviewing Managed Care / Health Plan Contracts;
  • Drafting an ICD-10 Implementation Budget;
  • Evaluating Documentation (by clinical area);
  • Assessing Coding Skills (physician and hospital, inpatient and outpatient); and
  • Performing Education and Training (physicians, physician and hospital staff, coders, etc.).

BCS can facilitate your organization’s development of an ICD-10 Implementation plan or can provide you with comprehensive on-site implementation assistance. For each phase, BCS will provide your organization with tools (e.g. action plan, project oversight, spreadsheets, exhibits and/or manuals) to track your organization’s progress and measure your results. Throughout the process, BCS will strive to seamlessly integrate with your organization’s management and staff, identify trends and recommend services to accelerate revenue cycle and improve compliance, and establish long-term relationships based on measurable results.

BCS’s ICD-10 team is led by Deborah J. Grider, one of the industry’s top experts. Our team will partner with your organization to assure a successful ICD-10 transition and will support you every step of the way to ensure revenue is not lost post-implementation.

Let us use our deep knowledge of the ICD-10 transition to guide your organization to full compliance by October 1, 2014.

ICD-10 Education & Training

ICD-10 Education & Training

ICD-10 is one of the most significant challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. The BCS ICD-10 Expert Team can help you rise to the ICD-10 challenge.

Implementation Training

Organizations that have the capability, time, and expertise to implement ICD-10 may still benefit from high-level guidance in regards to the ICD-10 implementation process. BCS implementation experts can provide your organization with tools, tips, and strategic advice to help you achieve full compliance with the transition.

ICD-10 Coding Training

2013 will be the year of ICD-10 education and training. Many healthcare organizations will need some level of third party coding training to decrease the risk of payment delays and denials during the transition.

BCS’s team of ICD-10 coding experts is dedicated to ensuring that the healthcare industry is prepared for ICD-10. BCS can provide both physician practices and hospitals with ICD-10 coding training including:

  • Physician practices
    • General ICD-10-CM coding training
    • Specialty-focused ICD-10-CM coding training
  • Hospitals
    • ICD-10-CM coding training
    • ICD-10-PCS coding training

ICD-10 Readiness Audit

ICD-10 Readiness Assessment

One of the largest impacts that the ICD-10 transition will have on clinicians and hospital’s clinical departments is the required level of documentation to substantiate claims. This is driven by the increased level of specificity that is incorporated into the ICD-10 coding methodology. Since inadequate documentation will put physician practices and hospitals at financial risk, it is important that healthcare providers understand the ICD-10 documentation requirements and modify their documentation practices prior to the ICD-10 “Go-Live” date.

Conducting a medical record documentation audit is an effective way to identify documentation deficiencies, identify education and training needs, and estimate the potential financial and work flow impact of the ICD-10 transition. An ICD-10 Readiness Audit is somewhat different than the typical medical record documentation and coding audit. As such, healthcare organization should utilize experienced auditors to conduct the audits and may benefit from third party assistance.

BCS has a team of ICD-10 coding and documentation experts that can perform or support your ICD-10 Readiness Audit. As part of the audit, we will assess the documentation and make a determination of:

  • The most important diagnosis codes (based on use and frequency);
  • The current level and specificity of documentation in the medical record;
  • The adequacy of the documentation and coding processes; and
  • Whether the current level of documentation adequately supports ICD-10-CM.

After the audit has been completed, BCS’s consultants will develop an improvement plan to guide your practice’s documentation improvement efforts which can be executed concurrently with your ICD-10 implementation.