Three Consumer Trends With Strategic Implications

There are many major changes and trends occurring in the external environment which have strategic implications for hospitals. One such area is with consumerism and consumer trends. For example, High Deductible Health Plans have been growing at the rate of approximately 17 percent in the past few years. Here are 3 other significant findings / trends from the 2012 Deloitte Consumer Survey that hospitals should evaluate as to their impact and implications for strategy:

  1. Consumers are receptive to improvements they perceive to add value: expanded roles for pharmacists and nurse practitioners; retail clinics; customized health insurance plans; and others.
  2. Approximately half of all consumers are open to using different care providers and believe that a nurse practitioner or physician assistant can provide primary care that is comparable in quality to that provided by a physician.
  3. A significant and growing number of consumers trust, and are seeking, medical and related health information provided online, preferably from an academic health center.

Consumerism in healthcare is, and will continue to grow. It is a formidable force for hospitals to reckon with, and has implications for every hospital’s strategy moving forward. What are your organization’s tactics and plans to address these trends in consumerism: now and in the future? -Steve Reed

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