NCQA Extends Medical Home Concepts to Specialists in Its New Recognition Program

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recently announced that it will extend recognition to patient-centered specialty practices (PCSP); effectively relocating its primary care focused patient-centered medical homes into multi-specialty, patient-centered subdivisions. PCSP Recognition can be achieved by any eligible clinician who receives referrals from primary care physicians or other specialists and meets the NCQA’s standards regardless of the provider’s specialty or sub-specialty. To be recognized, eligible specialists will need to:

  • Exchange key information with PCPs;
  • Coordinate care planning and management with PCPs and other specialists;
  • Use a systematic process to identify, track, and coordinate care for patients;
  • Include patients, family members and caregivers in the care process as appropriate;
  • Work within a delivery and reimbursement models that emphasize outcomes and reduce duplicative services; and
  • Align with emerging delivery and payment models (i.e. ACOs, bundled payments, etc.).

Similar to the PCMH, the PCSP standards will incorporate a number of Meaningful Use criteria and will allow providers to achieve at one of three levels of recognition. To date, sixty-four organizations have enrolled as early adopters of the PCSP model. Other healthcare providers that are looking to build an expansion onto their medical homes may want to consider PCSP recognition as a means of educating and engaging specialists in coordinated, patient centered, value-driving care.        -Dr. John Redding

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